Verbenone Flakes

Verbenone Flakes Pheromone Repellent for Mountain Pine, Southern Pine, and IPS Beetles

These bark beetle anti-aggregant products provide a very important capability in the fight against bark beetles, namely the ability to protect high-value trees by allowing rapid and effective aerial treatment of forests or large tree stands not possible with the hand-applied "pouch" or "bubble cap" products.

Disrupt micro-flake and Disrupt bio–flake can also be applied to small or mid-sized tree stands or to individual trees using a variety of ground application methods at faster rates than possible with products requiring hand-stapling or nailing.

Benefits of Verbenone Flakes

  • Much more tamper and theft resistant than traditional verbenone pouches.
  • Ideal for use to protect venerable trees at schools, in public parks, along sidewalks, and in areas with a large volume of public and pedestrian traffic.
  • Rapid and easy product application.
  • Provides virtually the same level of tree and stand protection as traditional verbenone pheromone pouches. 
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