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FeRROMEC AC Liquid Iron 15-0-0, PBI Gordon

FeRROMEC AC Liquid Iron is a sprayable formulation containing iron combined with nitrogen and sulfur designed to produce a rapid turf green-up. The urea in FeRROMEC AC carries the iron sulfate into the plant quickly and efficiently.

Analysis: Total Nitrogen 15%, Sulfur 3%, Iron(Fe) 6%

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FeRROMEC Liquid Iron Plus Micros 10-2-4, PBI Gordon

FeRROMEC Liquid Iron Plus Micros 10-2-4 is a chelated iron formulation with important macro- and micronutrients that are essential to plant health. Designed to supplement all fertilization programs, FeRROMEC Micros provides potash, magnesium, manganese, and zinc in a form readily available to the plant.

Analysis: Total Nitrogen(N) 10.0%, Phosphate 2.0%, Potash 4.0%, Magnesium(Mg) 1.5%, Sulfur(S) 0.02%, Iron(Fe) 4.0%, Manganese(Mn) 1.0%, Zinc(Zn) 0.5%