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ALSA (Propiconazole) 14.3 EC, Tree Tech Microinjection Fungicide (Alamo), 10 mL.

ALSA (Propiconazole) 14.3 EC Microinjection Fungicide (Alamo) is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide for control of selected diseases in annual and ornamental plants and use as a flare root injection for prevention and treatment of Oak Wilt, Dutch elm disease, Sycamore Anthracnose, leaf diseases of Crabapple and other tree diseases.

Sold Individually, Case Qty. = 25 Micro-injectors
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Systrex & Nutrient (Triadimefon & Fertilizer) Tree Tech Microinjection Fungicide, 14 mL.

Systrex & Nutrient (Triadimefon & Fertilizer) Microinjection Fungicide A broad-spectrum systemic fungicide & micronutrient solution for the treatment and reinvigoration of trees declining due to abiotic and disease-related causes. Systrex & Nutrient contains Bayleton fungicide from Bayer AG and a fertilizer solution including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Sold Individually, Case Qty. = 25 Micro-injectors
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Tree Tech, Microinjection Fungicides

The Tree Tech Microinjection Fungicides set a new standard for economical and environmentally safe tree health care. As traditional methods of applying chemicals and pesticides become less suited for environmentally sensitive uses, particularly in urban areas, the Tree Tech microinjection system continues to gain acceptance and wider use.

Sold Individually, Case Qty. = 25 Micro-injectors

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